Expert SaaS Content Writer

Get the brand awareness and leads your SaaS product deserves

Launching your SaaS tool, app, or service must be an exciting time after the long haul of developing and gathering feedback.

But to get to that next level – scaling and revenue growth – you need a strong content marketing strategy in place. And without a qualified SaaS content writer, you will NOT build the customer base you want.

It’s time to:

Get more email sign ups.

Get more Youtube subscribers or Instagram/TikTok followers.

Get more website traffic to your landing pages.

Get more conversions.

How? With customer-focussed, research-driven and oh so-sticky content that makes users coming back to see what’s new with your SaaS product.

This is the content I produce for clients and for my business. I gather information from you and from my own research about your audience, content template, SEO ranking and how you’re building topical authority in your industry.

I come in as the expert content writer to help you execute your content strategy. I work on:

  • “fill in the gap” content
  • user intent
  • Latest news or reports I can draw from
  • SME research
  • Industry research
  • Real-life examples if possible and necessary
  • Industry newsletters
  • LinkedIn thought leadership content
  • Industry leader blogs

My Content Creation Process for SaaS Clients

I receive the content brief from you and start gathering examples from SME’s, my swipe file, social media and from personal experience. I also gather more keywords from Ahrefs. I typically do more research about the user intent and try to get unique takes from case studies or real-life examples.

I get to writing long-form content using the outline provided. I take screenshots when necessary of the ideas I’m discussing in the article. I pull in quotes from SME’s and interlink content. I draw from personal experience if possible and find unique ways to present the info. I make sure to back up my claims with data.

I do a series of edits – first edit I fix grammar mistakes and flow issues. Second edit I work on coherency and user intent. Third edit is Grammarly. Fourth edit is third party (typically my husband). I create a zip file of the images and send it to you or your editor. I wait for feedback and if everything is great, I send my invoice.

My SaaS content is well-ranked but isn’t a snooze fest when you read it.

It’s customer-focussed, meaning, I use social chatter to write the way they talk about your brand or industry topic.

Whether your audience are hopeful content creators or B2B CEOs, content managers, or marketers, I’m the SaaS writer for you.

Check out my portfolio filled with actionable content from popular SaaS brands.